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Glads Not Blooming

I have planted gladiola bulbs 2 years in a row in decent soil, direct sun, fertilizer and lots of watering.Planted at end of May. NO FLOWERS!!! What's up with that? No blips anywhere to be seen----what to do?  I love glads and am again disappointed!

They will not bloom the first year or two if the corms are too small. Otherwise they should bloom. If too much nitrogen is used to feed them, it could cause the bulbs to go to leaves instead of flowers.

Growing Oriental Poppies

We need to know about how to grow these beautiful double pink poppies from seeds. Do we plant them now or wait until spring. I live in Northwest Washington State. I love these beautiful flowers and would like to know how to get them started in my garden.

Double Pink poppies. What kind? If you are talking about the large Oriental poppies, they are perennial and they grow the first year, but do not flower until the second year. Save the seed from the variety you are talking about, then start the seed indoors in February or outdoors in May. They should flower the following year for you.

Heather Root Rot

We have four lovely heather plants in a center circular garden planted with heather. The soil was well prepared and has good drainage. All four heather plants are in their second summer. They flowered very well and, like last summer, we pruned the dead flowers. Everything was doing very well until this July-August when two of the plants started to have many branches die out and brown. We also have two other heater located elsewhere and they are doing well in their third summer. Is there some fungus? We had a rainy summer in the northeast but the other plants are doing well the ground drains well. Any thoughts?

My guess would be root rot, as one branch dies at a time when this occurs. Some varieties are more susceptible then others. You can take one of the dead plants into a nursery or garden center and have the 'Certified Nursery-person' on staff make an on-the-spot diagnosis. That's better then me guessing!

Snowball Bush Not Flowering

How do I get a snowball bush to bloomm if it is not flowering?

Try feeding your snowball bush with 0-10-10 fertilizer. Alaska Fish makes a product called Mor' Bloom which is 0-10-10. Feed with it right now (August) again in September and again in March.

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