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Re-rolling a New Lawn

I have planted a new lawn and followed the instructions carefully from your site. My grass is now 1 1/2 to 2 " in length. It seems the ground has become a bit lumpy since the seeds have germinated. Is it safe to roll the ground again even though the grass is up?

I would mow it once or twice before running the roller over it.

Lily Care After Blooming

I live in Oregon and i have an "Asiatic Lily" that i planted and the blooms are gone now and have been for about a month.....i was curious how i was supposed to care for it now and will it bloom again this summer?I don't know if it is a perrinial or anual.......I researched hard on caring for it and couldn't find what i was looking for.

They really do not require much care. Simply cut off the top part of the stem, where the flowers were, so the bulb does not waste energy in trying to produce seed. The bulb should come back for many years. Feed the foliage now with a liquid fertilizer, so as to build strength into the bulb for next year's bloom.

Too Much Pruning?

On a recent trip to a local nursery, I came across a shrub that I just had to have, a "Pink Angel" hydrangea. The growing tags stated that this hydrangea will grow between 8-12 feet high and 6-10 feet wide. The site that I had in mind for planting this beauty would be overpowered by such a large specimen. If I kept the hydrangea pruned back to only 6 feet high and 5-6 feet wide, would I end up damaging the plant by having pruned too much and not letting the plant grow within its own bounds?

If you start maintaining the plant in the early stages of growth, you should be able to keep it down to the height you desire and still maintain good flowering. But, why not consider some of the naturally lower growing varieties. Many are outstanding and will not require the maintenance of 'Pink Angel'.

Fuschias Wilting

I currently have Fuschia plants (not yours) that have gotten wilty leaves and are losing leaves since that awful hot two days we recently had. They are not over watered. I have a gauge. What can I do?

Probably the best thing to do is try to keep them in a cooler spot, until they recover. A light feeding of Fish Fertilizer (1/2 strength) would be helpful.

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