Custom Promotional Packets

We can create custom packets from your unique ideas. Below, are some examples of custom packets that we have created in the past.  Not available as a RUSH order, but you'll have an absolutely unique handout.  Now available in quantities as low as 500.  Express your Creativity!

See more custom designs at SeedGenie

custom promo packet

Calendula Custom Packet

Chapel of the Chimes

This packet was given away by a local radio station at the NW Flower & Garden Show  in Seattle, WA.   This packet was developed by a company in the garden industry for a promotion. Our customer designed this packet.  We printed, filled and shipped them.

Unerwater Magic Seeds Packet


Checkett Promotional Packet

This packet was custom designed by a company for use in a clothing promotion. Here is a packet that we gave away at various garden shows.

A recent custom packet designed by a customer.  They used a color design on the back, too.

Nursery Promotion Packet

Cactus Custom Packet

2014 Bee packet

This packet was created from hand-drawn art for a greenhouse company giveaway. This packet was used inside cactus growing kits. This is a packet from 2014 to promote bee health.

Packet Size - 3 1/4" by 4 1/2"  

Please have your designer email us a template request.  A one time film charge will apply to order.


For more information call 1-800-383-4863 and ask for Joe.

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