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Prolonging Gladiola Blooming

Will a gladiola bloom more than once in a season?

No. That's why we often plant a few corms (bulbs), wait a couple of weeks plant some more, then plant more a couple of weeks later. So they have a longer blooming season.

Scarlet Runner Bean Care

I have several strings of Scarlet Runners climbing to about 15 feet high. Someone has suggested that I cut off the runners when they reach the top of my strings to encourage bean production. Do you recommend this?

Not really. It's up to you. Beans will sometime react to a disruption by dropping their buds. This is especially true if you cultivate around them when they are budding or flowering.

Transplanting Hydrangeas

I live in Kansas and I am moving to a temporary house until my other house is built. I have a few hydrangeas that I want to take with me. Is it ok to move them to pots until I get into my new house which will probably be late winter or early spring. Any tips or suggestions for me?

That's tough, they are in their midst of growth and unless they are small it is probably going to be tough to transplant them with any kind of success, at this time of year. If it is a must, treat the Hydrangea foliage (leaves) with a product like 'Wilt-Pruf' or 'Cloud Cover'. These type of products lock the moisture into the plant and helps reduce some of the shock of transplanting in summer.

Zucchini (any squash) Fruits Die Off

Once my zuchini flowers begin to bud they are invaded by bugs that, at first, I thought were baby ants, but after taking a second closer look the tail end of the body I realized they might be zuchini borers. I haven't been able to figure out what exactly they do but this is what I've noticed: they really seem to like the flower but once they've eaten the flower they seem to go into the zuchini and the zuchini dies. Or, the flower dies off prematurely and the zuchini doesn't mature and then dies too. Do you know what they might be??

Dust the flowers with a vegetable dust, following application directions on the label. Remember the first flowers on the zucchini are female, so until the male flowers develop the fruit will grow one to three inches long and die or rot…..that's simply because they have not been pollinated. If it continues for any time take a brush or feather and go from flower to flower….you become the bee!

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