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Vinegar Dilution Rate

I recently heard you speak in Wenatchee about using vinegar for weed control. I've checked your question and answer section and tried several other sites on weed control and can't find the answer to my question. Do you use straight vinegar or do you dilute it with water or something else?

I use Apple Cider vinegar at 100%. It is not effective when diluted.

Soil Micro-Nutrients

Ed has talked about our soil in the N.W. and how the rain takes the nutrients out of the soil. He said Boron was an important additive, but I forgot the others. Is there a product that I can use to enrich the soil with these additives?

Magnesium and Sulfur. Many Rose and Rhododendron fertilizers contain these and many other micro-nutrients. You will find them listed on the ingredient part of the label. Hope that helps.

Clematis Problems

I planted two evergreen clematis, two years ago. The first year they both grew at the same rate and looked healthy. We did not prune them. The second season, one bloomed beautifully and the other did not. The one which did not bloom had black tipped leaves and by the end of the summer had completely died. Now in the third season the one remaining is blooming beautifully again, and again we did not prune it. We are beginning to become concerned as there are some leaves which are also starting to have black ends.

Black leaves usually indicate some type of burn. It can be from cold, over-feeding or sun burn. The plant will also react if it sits in too much water. Examine the surroundings and see if any of these conditions fit, then correct the condition.

Moving Pampas Grass

I have always wanted to plant Pampas Grass. A friend of mine seperated his and gave me 4 good size plants, brought them home and planted them, They don't appear to have made the transition. The leaves are wilted and the plant is a beige yellow color, please tell me if the plant will survive or cut it back and hope for next year.

If they were mine I would cut them back. The limited root system is trying to support all those leaves. By cutting back the leaves it puts the plant in balance again.

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