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Liming the Lawn (Timing)

I have looked at your garden project calender for March, and am getting ready to lime, feed and moss control on my backyard. My question is if I put down the lime first how long do I wait to put down the fertilizer and moss control, and then over seed?

If you use Dolomite lime you can do everything the same day, if you want to. If you use Agricultural lime you should wait about 3 weeks in-between.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Moss Control

I heard part of your Feb 24th radio broadcast and need some clarification on the use of Apple cider vinegar to control moss on driveways. Does it have to be apple cider vinegar or will distilled white vinegar work? Also could I use vinegar on the North side of the garage and house to remove the green moss or mold growing on the wood?

I use the Apple Cider Vinegar to control moss on our concrete surfaces. I would suggest you use a commercial product on the side of your house, as one really does not know how it would react with the different types of paint.

I heard you the other day on radio say to spray moss in the garden bed and walk ways with 100% apple cider vinegar. How fast does this work, how long does it work for and do I need to worry about any danger to plants? Our property of covered with moss in all our garden beds, on the driveways and walkways as well as in our lawn. Thanks for any information that might help.

I used it on my patio and it works great. The moss was growing up between the stones. It takes about two to three days to work, depending upon weather (temperatures). Do not pour the concentrate on your desirable plants. What washes in around the plants after rain, does not seem to affect desirable plants.


Flowering Cabbage

My wife and I planted several flowering cabbage plants last summer. Now that the warmer weather has hit the Carolinas the plants are starting to grow again. Do you have any advice on caring for them at this stage because they are growing taller with the dead leaves still on bottom.

Yes, clean-up the dead leaves and pick out the tall growing center, which is beginning to form a seed head. At this stage it may be a little difficult to keep them looking nice. Remember they are considered an annual and that means one growing season.


Starting Sunflowers Indoors

What is the secret to starting sunflowers indoors and keeping them from  getting to tall and lanky before you put them in the ground.

The key is to start them under lights and keep the lights very close to the new growth. If the light is even a few inches away (or several feet away which is usually the case) then the plants stretch…get leggy. If you let them get too tall, before planting they will go through a bit of transplanting shock and that will set them back some.

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