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Pruning Clematis

Should I cut back my clematis vines in the late winter or early spring or let them stay on the trellises?

Pruning clematis in late winter, depends on the variety. The early spring flowering varieties like "Montana rubems" is pruned after it finishes flowering. The large flowering varieties like 'Nellie Moser or Ramona' are pruned at this time of the year, because they flower later. I use the rule, if it flowers before June, do not prune it now. If it flowers after June, prune it now. If you let them continue to grow on the trellis that's all right too. The only problem is pretty soon you have a mess of tangled vines and it's not too pretty during the fall and winter.


Daphnes in Hot Weather

Will Daphnes grow well here in Tulsa, OK? I miss them so and would very much like to plant some in our gardens. I've not yet met any nurserymen who are familiar with them, which doesn't necessarily mean the Daphne won't grow here - am hoping that it simply means that it is not a common/popular plant in this region.

The temperatures are a bit extreme for Daphne. Too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter. Daphne mezerum, the February Daphne might do all right. With a bit of summer protection and again in the winter, you might be able to grow Daphne Cneorum, the rock, rose or garland Daphne. It's touch and go, that's why the nurseries do not carry them.


Wisteria Vines from Seed

Can you plant the seeds inside wisteria pods to grow new wisteria?

They are rather difficult to start from seed, because they need bottom heat. It's easier to take cuttings or simply layer the vines. If you want to try starting the seeds, after drying, sow in springtime, in a greenhouse or in the house in a tray (flat) that has a heating cable or heat pad below. Barely cover the seeds with soil.


Peaches and Apricots for the Pacific NW

We are interested in planting peach and apricot trees and would like to know what varieties are best for this area.

I assume you are in the Pacific Northwest? One of the best Peach trees is the 'Frost Peach'. One of the best Apricots is 'Puget Gold'.

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