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Potato Scab

I tried your "in tires" method last year and had OK success but some were scabby. A potato growing farmer at the Coupeville's Farmers Market said I had too humus a soil. I have removed the soil and want to use a sand basis what should I add to the sand for proper growth? PS I did not over water.

A good sandy loam is ideal. However, some varieties of potatoes are subject to scab, so it may have been the variety. Use a Russett type potato variety and do not add lime or manure to the soil.


Indoor Jasmine

have a beautiful 1 year old jasmine which has grown vigorously over the past year but unfortunately has not set any flowers yet. I have heard that if the temperature goes above 68 it won't bloom. Our home temp is set at 76 right now and the pot is kept near an air vent.

First, please understand there are several varieties of Jasmine….unfortunately, they bloom under varying conditions. Some require warm temperatures to bloom, others cooler (55 to 65 degree) temperatures to set bud and bloom. The common indoor vining variety does require a cooling period to set buds.


Applying Mole Formula

I recently had a huge mole problem. I had someone come out and lay traps. Fortunately they have so far caught 2 of those darn critters.My back yard looked like Caddy Shack. I would like to know if I can use your mole recipe as a preventive on a regular basis? Would I spray it all over my yard and if so, how often do you recommend? I realize I would have to use it more often in this rainy weather.

I would only use it in the areas where the moles are working, as this is apparently where the insect population is located….that's their source of food. I think it is more effective if you put it on with a sprinkling can instead of spraying it. Generally, the mix will last for 2 to 3 months.


Moving Tulips

Can you tell me if I can transfer some tulips from a container to the ground in March? I live in Olive Branch,Ms. They are so beautiful,I hate to loose them.

It depends upon the size of the container. For example, some garden centers have tulips in 4" pots and they can easily be transplanted. However, if the pot is 8, 10 inches or more, it would be best to wait until after they have finished flowering.

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