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Late Winter Lawn Care

Since it's looking like we are going to have an early spring, what do I need to do to get my lawn ready for summer? Also, even though it has been dormant during the winter, my lawn has developed a few brown spots? Any ideas?

The winter has been tough on many lawns. Most should respond to liming and feeding in late February or early March.

If moss is a problem, use a Spring lawn fertilizer that contains a moss control product.

Over-seeding with 'Reseed-It' can be done after March 15th.

Grass for Heavy Wear Areas

I have a problem that is getting out of hand and thought maybe you could give me some advice. I have four dogs that are tearing my back lawn up pretty good. I have some fairly large areas that are devoid of grass altogether. I was wondering if you could recommend a lawn seed that is fast growing and extremely tough. I'm not particularly concerned with how it looks as long as it is green and covers the ground. I live in the northeastern part of Ohio (Zone 7).

A "bent" type grass is recommended for problems of this nature. It seems the most unlikely species to use, but bent roots grow throughout the year and respond to wear better than others.

Kiwi Lost Leaves

I have a male kiwi vine in a large pot on my fire escape, getting lots of sun and water when it doesn't rain. But, all the leaves are gone!   The vines(branches?) are fine, look healthy, and look the same as when there were leaves. Will the leaves return in spring? have I killed it and don't know?

Kiwi vines lose their leaves over winter. The leaves will reappear a little later this spring.

You will need a female vine if you want to enjoy Kiwi berries (fruit).

Bulbs to Use by the Saltwater

We just moved into a house on Puget Sound and would like to plant some summer bulbs on the front side, which faces the water. Which bulbs can we plant that will not be effected by the salt spray? Can we plant some in a container near the beach?

The summer flowering bulbs like dahlias, cannas, glads, and lilies would be especially nice. Then this fall you can plant tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocus for spring color. Select low growing varieties or plan on staking the bulbs, otherwise the strong winds are apt to knock them over. Any of these bulbs could also be used in container plantings near the water.

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