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Clematis Cuttings

I was wondering if it is possible to take cuttings from clematis vines and how would one go about doing so?

Yes, one of the growers tells me that they take cuttings all twelve months of the year, with equal success. They take tip cuttings, about 3 to 5 inches long. Start them in a combination of sand and peat moss with bottom heat (a heating cable).

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Liming the Lawn

I've read alot about basic lawn care. I have found the solution to my problem is to lime my lawn. How do I lime my lawn, how much, what's the best application, can I over seed it afterwards? How will it affect my fertilizer schedule?

If you use Dolomite Lime, it is compatible with fertilizers, so it should not affect your fertilizing schedule. Lime should be applied in either the spring or fall, following application directions on the label. Apply it with a fertilizer spreader. Usually it is applied at a rate of 40 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn area. You can overseed anytime between April 1st and October 15th. (The early and late parts of that range are best because of watering concerns.)

Moss in Flower Beds

I watched your gardening show this morning and the segment about removing weeds and then putting down the Amaze was very interesting. But what I noticed in the very foreground of the flower bed was that nasty moss. My flower beds are full of this stuff. In fact they look like GREEN flower beds. What is the best way to rid this moss? Is there anything I can do to keep it from coming back?

Yes, there was moss and it is a common problem in flower and shrub beds. Unfortunately, the only answer so far is to grub it out, loosen the soil and add a little lime. Anything one uses to eliminate the moss will affect the nearby plants, too.

Planting Tulips

I live in Ohio I would like some info on planting tulips such the depth, how to position them and when I should plant them in fall or spring. Also if it was no bother to you I would like also for you to possibly give me a detailed steps on planting a tulip or tulips in a pot about 6-9 inches.

Tulips are planted at the depth of about three times the greatest diameter of the bulb. In most cases, that means about 6 inches deep. Plant them in the fall.

I like to dig a planting hole about a foot in diameter and about 6 inches deep. Then I plant 12 to 18 bulbs in the hole. Be sure the bulbs do not touch each other. In the spring you'll have a showy mass of tulips and if you cut two or three to use, it doesn't ruin your garden display.

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