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Tomato Blossom End RotBlossom end rot on a Roma type Tomato

Can you tell us what to do about 'blossom rot' on plants from your Pik Red tomato seeds? The plants look healthy otherwise, but the tomatoes are rotting. The rot starts with brown spots at bottom (or blossom site) of fruit and rots from there.

Over-watering or lack of calcium (lime) in the soil causes blossom end rot. This year it is probably too much water, although either can cause the problem. We grow Pik Red here at the warehouse and at our home garden and they are doing great, but we do lime them in springtime and go light on water during the summer.


Winter Care For a Pampas Grass Seedling

I have started my pampas grass from seed. It has done well and is now about 8 ins tall and I still have it in a pot. I am wondering if I should keep it inside over winter or sink the pot in the ground outside over winter.

It would be a lot easier to care for outside. But, should the weather get below the mid-twenties the plant should be mulched or covered for winter protection. Or, as you mention leave it in the pot, then bring it inside during cold spells, then back outdoors as soon as the weather moderates again.


Dividing a Calla Lily

I have a huge Calla Lily plant at the new house we moved into last fall.  Aren't these supposed to be split every couple of years and what is the proper way to split them?

No, they do not need to be divided every two or three years. Usually it is only done when the parent plant begins to decline a bit. In many gardens this is only once every 5 to 10 years. Then, simply dig the clump and separate the roots. You may need a knife or ax to separate some of the older roots.


Wisteria From Seeds

Hi, we have been given seed pods for a wisteria vine, and don't know how to plant them {or when} They are still in pods-but dry.

They really can be started at any time, but are usually started in mid to late February. Plant them in a light potting soil, barely covering the seed. Start them indoors in 4 inch pots, then transplant outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. Wisteria are seldom started from seed because the seedlings will not be identical to the parent plants. Also, they are very easy to start from cuttings or shoots in soil or even water, and the plants started from cuttings will be identical to their parent plant.

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