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Ed Hume cannot answer all of the garden questions he receives, but questions of general interest will be answered here every month.  Email your questions to HumeSeeds@aol.com.  Please note: we do not accept attachments.

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Growing Mint

Whoops, I've made a mistake. By planting peppermint next to my cold frames and our rock wall last year the mint is now invading both. I have now realized the error of my ways but what to do? I guess I have two questions 1. How to get rid of the mint that has become established, completely. 2. The correct way to live with mint in the garden and not let it become a problem, again.

1. Try to grub out all the roots of the mint. You may have to do this more than once because there is the possibility that a few roots may remain or break off as you pull them out.

2. The best way to grow mint is to grow it in a container, so the roots are confined to a limited growing area. Be sure that the mint does not flower and go to seed.

Storing Fuchsias

I found the question on watering fuchsias in your  archives, but I don't know how to prepare them or store them for the winter. Last year, I put my fuchsia basket in the crawl space under the house and it died. How should it be stored to last the winter?

There's an article that is now posted on the web site that I think will answer your question. It's called Wintering Geraniums Fuchsias & Begonias.

New Articles Added to Web Site

What 's new?  

We've added quite a few new articles to the site in the last month.  Check these out:

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Where Were You?

Where can I find information about  the garden you visited in last week's show?

Look on the Gardening in America page.  Towards the bottom of the page we list information about locations we've visited in the last few weeks.  We also list information about our guests.  We do update the information every couple of weeks, so if you wait too long, you might miss it. (There's also an email link on the page for suggesting locations or topics.)

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