Sending Ed Hume Seeds Camera Ready Art

Sending Art via email for 1-color imprints and 4-color designs

You can send us your camera ready art  as an email attachment to  The company that prints our packets is a Macintosh platform company.  Listed below are the preferred art formats (in order of preference):

  1. PDF (adobe Acrobat)
  2. eps
  3. tiff
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  5. Adobe Photoshop
  6. Quark Express (you must include fonts and logs)
  7. Pagemaker (you must include fonts and logs)
  8. Microsoft Word (be sure to note which fonts were used)

Please submit all fonts and artwork used in the file, including logos and any other information we may need.  If you are having a one color imprint done, please send the art in black and white if possible.  Have your art/text sized to fit the open areas on your chosen packet (see individual packets for sizing information).

For 1-color imprints, please determine the imprint area(s) on the packet you select and size your text/art to fit the available space.

For 4-color designs, please email and request a packet template for your designer to create your custom seed packet.

Some Examples of Imprinting on the Back of Packets

Back of a promo packet without a logo.

Another Promotional Packet Back with Logo

Vertical Promo Back Copy

Another Vertical Back Copy Example


Some Examples of Front Imprinting

Front imprinting from a pepper packet.

Front imprinting - No logo

Horizontal front imprinting from a wildflower packet.

Front imprinting from Lettuce promotional packet.

If you would like us to setup your imprinting for you, there is a $50 dollar charge.  This includes a FAXed or emailed proof.

For more information call 1-800-383-4863 and ask for Joe.


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