Ordering Promotional Packets

1) Choose the packet you want to use and determine the amount of space available for the front imprint.  (This one is 3" by 3/4".)

2) Design the graphic and/or text to be imprinted.  (This  one uses a combination of text and graphics.) Other examples.

Our custom Forget-Me-Not packet - blank

Forget-me-not promo packet - imprinted

3) Determine how much space is available for a back imprint.  Most packets have 3 1/8" by 1 7/8", the same as a standard business card.

4) Decide which way to orient your imprint, Portrait  (vertically) or Landscape (horizontally).

5) Design the back  imprint.  This one is oriented Landscape. The custom imprinting is blue, while the black is part of the standard packet design.   More examples.

Back of an imprinted Forget-Me-Not promotional packet.

6) Call us at 800-383-HUME during business hours (PST) to order.
7)  Send us your camera ready art.  Be sure to include your order number, to insure timely processing of your order.


For more information or to order call 1-800-383-4863 and ask for Joe.

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