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Grapes Too Small

I love your site and refer to it often. I always find it helpful, but I have a problem with my concord grapes. I planted them about 4 years ago. The plants are beautiful. I have fertilized, and water them well, but the grapes never get bigger than pea-sized. Do you have any suggestions? I also have a persimmon tree that I got at the same nursery and they never get bigger than marble size.

I find Grapes thrive on a bit of neglect, so be careful not to over-water them. Boron and Phosphate are important elements for both grapes and persimmons. So use a fertilizer in mid-March that has Boron, Magnesium, Sulfur and the other micronutients in it. Also make certain it is low in nitrogen, but higher in Phosphate.

Cannas in a Hot Climate

Can Cannas grow in Arizona? Since we do not have to worry about frost - do I cut them back at any time? I have four plants and they are beginning to look rather sick. Beautiful when in bloom. What can I do to make the foliage stay healthy looking?

Even in Arizona the Cannas will go into a period of Dormancy, you can simply cut them back and let them regrow. Seems like it's a little early for them to go into dormancy, but weather may be a factor.

King Apple Pollinator

What is the best tree for cross pollination with a king apple tree. We have a tree that no longer bares fruit. I think the farm that was next door had a tree that was compatible, but the farm and all the trees are now gone. I would like to get a new tree that would help the King apple tree bare fruit again.

Melrose, Akane, Gala and Hawaii are among the best pollinators for King.

Blueberries Not Producing

My blueberries didn't produce this year. What has happened and what can I do to make them produce next year?

Feed the plants with an acid type fertilizer in mid-February. Cottonseed Meal is sometimes used for this feeding or a rhododendron type fertilizer. Read and follow application directions.

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